Scientific methodical centre ”Scientia Educologica” – Non-Government Organization, was founded in 2001 (Nr. 110-V).(Nr. 110-V) – ID: 195736971.

General objectives:

 To encourage researches and methodical work of young scientists in sphere of natural science education;

 To encourage academic initiatives for the improving system of higher education and preparation of teachers;

 To care of improvement of professional skills of young scientists, to care of distribution of their works;

 To acquaint a society to modern pedagogical problems. To raise the general culture of a society, to encourage pedagogical self-development.

Acticity forms

Board of the Centre

Scientific methodical competitions, seminars;
Scientific methodical conferences, symposia;
Dr. Laima Railienė
Dr. Naglis Švickus
Judita Stankutė