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M o k s l i n i s   m e t o d i n i s   c e n t r a s

  Scientific Methodical Centre

The Associated Member of Lithuanian Scientific Society and ICASE


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Serial /periodical  publications


GU / NSE Gamtamokslinis ugdymas / Natural Science Education/, ISSN 1648-939X


Periodical peer-reviewed international scientific-methodical journal. Languages - Lithuanian, English, Russian. Included in: INDEX COPERNICUS, OAJI.

Editor-in-Chief prof.dr. Vincentas  Lamanauskas.




Gamtamokslinis ugdymas bendrojo lavinimo mokykloje  / Natural Science Education at a General School /

Continuous proceedings of the  national scientific practical conferences.

Periodical journal from 2013 (ISSN 2335-8408)


One volume per year


Švietimas: politika, vadyba, kokybė / Education Policy, Management and Quality, ISSN 2029-1922

Periodical, peer-reviewed international scientific methodical journal. The journal is focused on the research and practice of professionals in comprehensive schools. Only original high quality research and methodical papers are accepted. All submitted papers will be peer reviewed. Editor-in-Chief prof.dr. Vincentas Lamanauskas. Executive secretary dr. Laima Railienė. Included in: COPERNICUS INDEX, OAJI.



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