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  Scientific Methodical Centre

 The Associated Member of Lithuanian Scientific Society


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  GU/NSE - Gamtamokslinis ugdymas/Natural Science Education
  JBSE - Journal Of Baltiv Science Education

  Problems of Education in the 21st Century

  REC/JSE - Revista de Educacion en Ciencias / Journal of Science Education
  JSET - Journal of Science Education and Technology
  JNRLSE - Journal of Natural Resources and Life Sciences Education
  JESSE - Journal of Earth System  Science Education
  CJSE - Chinese Journal of Science Education
  CSTA - California Journal of Science Education
  RJSE - Resonance Journal of Science Education
  JRST - Journal of Research in Science Teaching
   AER - Astronomy Education Review
  JESE - Journal of Elementary Science Education
  JSTE - Journal of Science Teacher Education
  Nature - International Weekly Journal of Science
  Chemistry - Bulgarian Journal of Chemical Education
  Science in School e-journal
African Journal of Research in Mathematics, Science and Technology Education


  ICASE International Council of Associations for Science Education

  IOSTE International Organization for Science and Technology Education

  ESERA European Science Education Research Association

  NSTA - National Science Teachers Association


PECOB - Portal on Central Eastern and Balkan Europe
elearningeuropa - the portal


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