XXVIth National Scientific Practical Conference with international participation
" Natural Science Education in a Comprehensive School – 2020"

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Requirements to the content of manuscript:


scientific articles. Structure of the scientific publication: introduction (a problem and a urgency of research, scientific novelty, the brief review of scientific researches of other authors on the same problem, the purpose and methodology of the given research, results and conclusions, the list of the literature and the summary (0,5 p.) in English.


methodical articles. Structure of methodical publication: introduction (a problem, a urgency of clause, very brief review of other authors on the same pedagogical problem, the purpose of clause (if research - questions of research or hypotheses), the basic part of clause (personal pedagogical experience of the author, results of research is described pedagogical, if article is connected with pedagogical research), brief generalization told in the basic part (if results of research - conclusions of research) are presented, to the recommendation, the list of the literature and the resume in English (0,5 p.).

Requirements to the form of manuscript:


on the first page of article the name is written. Under the name through one line - a name and a surname of the author;


the Summary is written in the end of clause; in the end of the Summary some keywords; 


volume of manuscript: 4-8 pages;


the text is typed by text editor PC Windows (WinWord V2.0, V6.0, V7.0, Word 98), " Times New Roman ", 12 pt., an interval between lines normal;


the name of author and article 14 pt. ;


all tables, pictures are numbered; to all tables the name which explains is given: Table 1, Figure 1; 


at citing other authors in the text of article the surname of the author without a name, a comma and year of release of the publication, for example, (Miller, 2003) is written. In that cases, when the surname of the author is mentioned in the text, after it year is written only, for example, in Melnik's (2003) opinion, etc. In cases of the exact citation after a year of release, the page of the citation (1999, p.25) or (Miller, 1999, р.25) it is written also; 


the list of the literature is made alphabetically (Table 1, Figure 1



Some examples of the description of the bibliography


Lamanauskas V. (2004). Natural science education in contemporary school. Siauliai: Siauliai University Press


Journal article

Bilek, M., Slaby, A. (2005). Chemistry as part of primary science education at time of the new curricular reform in the Czech Republic. In: Gamtamokslinis ugdymas / Natural Science Education, 2 (13), p.5–10.

Lamanauskas, V., Augienė, D. (2014). University student future professional career: Promoting and limiting factors and personal traits. Baltic Journal of Career Education and Management, 2 (1), 6-15.

Lamanauskas, V., Augienė, D. (2019). Kindergarten teachers’ health literacy: Understanding, significance and improvement aspectsReview of Science, Mathematics & ICT Education13(2), 39-60. https://doi.org/10.26220/rev.3207


Internet source

National Science Education Standards (1996). USA: National Academies Press. Retrieved from http://www.csun.edu/science/ref/curriculum/reforms/nses/nses-complete.pdf

The name of file – yours' family name, for example "Jonson.doc" .

The manuscript should be send by e-mail  gu@gu.puslapiai.lt  

It is recommended to analyze previously published papers: http://oaji.net/journal-detail.html?number=1984

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